Adramytteion Antique City

  • N39 29.914 E26 56.187 YÜKSEKLİK:24m
Despite some destruction in the 1950s and 1960s due to building construction, Adrmytteionantique city is relatively an early discovery and one of the important antique cities of the region. Adrmytteionwas the focal point of the magnificent settlements mentioned in the works of antique age historians especially Strabon, later on Heredotus and StephanosByzantinos. Established in today’s Örenarea, this ancient city is stressed by antique age historians to be an important harbor city. There are various ancient information and theories about the history of how the city was established. While there is a thesis that Adramytteion was built in 6th century B.C. in the Lydia period by Adramys the son of Lydia King Alyates, there is also a claim that the city was built by the Luwi people of Anatolia who have lived in the region about 1000 years before the Lydian period, and named the city “Adra-Mudra”.

Starting from the Calcolithic period, and through the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantion periods, Adramytteion has continued its existence for a very long historical period. The archeological excavation work for the city is continuing under the consultation ofAssistant Professor Dr. Hüseyin Murat Özgen, from Archeology Department of MimarSinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Sciences & Literature. The excavation continuing since 2012 focuses on 3 different areas, BergazHill, ÖrenSquare and the Antique Harbor. As a result of the explorations in Bergaz Hill, it has been discovered that the hill has a quality stratification that consists of cultural layers form Byzantion back to the pre-historic period. In order to exhibit the architectural pieces from Classic, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantion periods discovered during the excavation, Ören Archeology Park is being planned under the sponsorship of Burhaniye Municipality, and this will not only increase the cultural touristic activity in the region, but also honor this well-deserved important archeological site.