Burhaniye Neolithic Age Cave Altars

  • M1 N39 26.557 E2701.942 Elevation:146m
  • M2 N39 30.224 E27 04.452 Elevation:245m
On the hilly areas of Burhaniye town, around the water springs and rivers and on important elevations, there are cult spaces with cave formations. Given a form by human hand, these artifacts are in the forms of stairs, niche, hollow cave, deep cove, cascaded arrangement and altar. The altar is an architectural element usually in a rectangular or circular form made of stone, used in the religious ceremonies for sacrifices. Made by the human hand giving form to the caves, these artifacts are “Cave-Forest Monuments”; they are archeological artifacts. This belief system with Mother Goddess at the center,identifies the cave altar with Mother Goddess and her husband. Estimated to be from the Bronze Age period, influences from the Phyrigian belief systems can be observed on these artifacts. Dedekaya marked as M1 on the map, is the most important of these cult areas, which are almost 15 in total. Deliktaş at point M2, is a natural wonder and has therefore been used as a cult area.