Edremit Evren Ertür Historical Olive Oil Tools Museum

  • N39 35.839 E26 57.547 Elevation:24m
The “Historical Olive Oil Tools Museum” is a rich exhibition of the collection prepared over 7 years by Ertürk family who has been in the olive oil business for 40 years. All systems can be observed in the museum, ranging from the wooden lever and the wooden clamps of the oldest olive pressing technique to the famous metal clamps of the wet-press days. The tools that are exhibited have been used starting from the before Christian era upto the years when steam was invented, and all have been collected only from the Aegean region. Some of the important pieces in the museum are; the broad-belt rope from the arm-operated “pulleyed” clamp of the old times and “handjack” made up of the huge wooden pole, and the “hankerchief stone” placed underneath the primitive olive press clamp with a wooden worm screw.