Endemic Plant Species Observation Points

  • H1 N39 42.483 E26 53.011 Elevation:1475m
  • H2 N39 42.142 E26 51.850 Elevation:1742m
  • H3 N39 41.572 E26 52.334 Elevation:1730m
The areas where most endemic species can be observed together on Mount Ida are Tozlu(H1), Kartalçimenplateau(H2) veSarıkızsummit (H3). At H1, the Mount Ida Abies(AbiesEqui-Trojani) of many mythological stories; at H2, Wild Stone Thyme (Thymus Pulvinatus), Bladder Campion (SileneCompacta), Thimbleflower (Digitalis Trojana), AsperulaSintenisi, and at H3 Sarıkız Tea (SideritisTrojana) and Mount Ida Centaury (HypericumKazdaghensis) are among the most easily observable of the 32 endemic species.These species mostly flower around July and August and lend themselves to beautiful photography.