Mushroom Observation Points

  • K1 N39 42.189 E27 01.481 Elevation:657m
  • K2 N39 44.541 E26 57.772 Elevation:1121m
Mount Ida is Turkey’s one of the richest areas in mushroom variety, and at the points specified, many different species can be observed especially in the autumn season. The most widespread of these species are as follows; Melki Mushroom (Lactariussalmonicolor), Morel (Morchellaesculanta), Beech mushroom (Pleurotuscornucopiae), Wood Blewit (Lepistanuda), Fly Agaric (Amanita muscaria), Gold Flecked Woodwax(Hygrophoruschrysodon) and Tinder Fungus (Fomesfomentarius).