Şahin Creek Routes

C1 8Km.
  • AVCILAR GİRİŞ N39 35.631 E26 46.215 YÜKSEKLİK:480m
  • MANZARA SEYİR 1 N39 37.690 E26 45.489 YÜKSEKLİK:942m
C2 6.5Km.
  • SCENERY VIEW 2 N39 38.421 E26 45.371 Elevation:879m
  • ALTINOLUK GATE N39 36.770 E26 44.193 Elevation:822m
Geologically, Şahin Creek Canyon is one of the most important areas of Mount Ida.  Its wealth of bird variety adds a different kind of beauty to the Canyon.  Consisting of two easy sections, this route is good for walking year round and suitable for all ages.